№2 2017

УДК / UDK: 82.091

Author: Vladimir I. Cherednichenko
About the author:

Vladimir I. Cherednichenko (Kuban Social and Economic Institute, Krasnodar, Russia; Doctor Hab., Professor; Professor of Higher Attestation Commission, Professor Emeritus of the Kuban State University),

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The critical-bibliographic review is dedicated to the scholarly collection series Edgar Allan Poe. Essays. Papers. Research (Krasnodar: Kuban State University, 1995–2000) and the collection Edgar Allan Poe. New Materials and Research (Krasnodar: Kuban Social and Economic Institute, 2011), published outside the series. A special attention is paid to the materials (including the archival ones) published in Russian for the first time. The review emphasizes the importance of the editions in question for Edgar Poe studies in Russia.

Keywords: Edgar Poe, Edgar Allan Poe. Essays. Materials, Studies, Edgar Allan Poe. New Materials and Studies, scholarly series, scholarly collection, translations, archived materials.