Subject area – literary history and theory of American literatures (North, South and Central America), literary criticism, poetics, European/Russian/Soviet-American contacts and literary connections, literary biography studies, sociology pf literature, culture studies, cultural & literary anthropology, history of science (American / Latin American studies, predominantly literary studies and literary criticism). 

Literature of the Americas is dedicated to critical inquiry into the literary history of the New World, i.e. American literatures of both North, Central and South America. The journal’s priority is classical academic research in literary history: biography studies, in-depth research articles on writers, literary institutions, publishing policy, economy of literature,  literary life, based on correspondence, memories, press, archived documents. Research articles on literary circles, colonies and communities, literary awards, literary journals and magazines are welcome, as well as case studies, and preprints of current research projects.

The journal publishes new documents, translations (correspondence and essays of American writers, “forgotten” sources, theoretical and methodological articles and book fragments with forums and discussions). Special attention is paid to the history of American literary studies, translation studies and to the explorations in the field of literary connections between the USA and Latin America, America and the Old World, Russian/Soviet-American contacts. A section dedicated to poetics and literary theory,  as well as optional sections leave room for theoretical, interdisciplinary, contextual, etc. studies.