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John Gery

Research Professor of English, University of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Director of the Ezra Pound Center for Literature

Research interests: American poetry, E. Pound, imagism

Edited books: Ezra Pound: Ends and Beginnings (2011), The Poets of the Sala Capazucchi (2011), Imagism: Essays on Its Initiation, Impact, and Influence (2013), In Place of Love and Country: Poems in the Pound Tradition (2013).

Publications in LoAJohn Gery. Resisting Apollo: The Legacy of Ezra Pound in Late 20th Century American Poetry, 7 (2019).

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Ira B. Nadel

Ph.D., Professor of English, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Research interests: biography, the Victorians, J. Joyce, E. Pound, S. Beckett.

Author of Biography, Fiction Fact & Form (1984), Joyce and the Jews (1989), Leonard Cohen, A Life in Art  (1994), Various Positions, A Life of Leonard Cohen (1996; 2006), Double Act, A Life of Tom Stoppard (2000), Ezra Pound, A Literary Life (2004), Joyce and His Publishers (2005), The Cambridge Introduction to Ezra Pound (2007), David Mamet, A Life in the Theatre (2008).

Publications in LoAIra B. Nadel. Ezra Pound’s Global Poetics, 7 (2019).

Biography, teaching, publications (UBC)