Special issue of the Literature of the Americas dedicated to Ezra Pound (7, 2019) is published online. The issue is timed to mark the appearance of the first Russian edition of The Cantos (Nauka Publ., 2018), translated by Andrei Bronnikov (see a review of this book by Olga Ushakova in LoA 5, 2019).

We thank our generous colleagues for their remarkable papers, enthusiasm and commitment, we express our sincere gratitude as well to the Ezra Pound Society, the online magazine Make It New, The Cantos Project, the New Directions Publishing Corporation and the Carcanet Press for their support of the project.

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International conference on the occasion of the Walt Whitman Bicentennial Poetic Experience and the “Language Experiment” will be held at the Moscow State University on October 24–25, 2019.

As an extension of the conference – on October 25–26, 2019 – the International Creative Writing Workshop “Song of Myself” in the World Today: The Ethics and Aesthetics of First-Person Discourse will take place at MSU.

Here is the Program of the Conference (Russian)

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Editor of the Literature of the Americas, Deputy Director of IWL RAS Andrey Kofman gave a talk on the 500th anniversary of the start of the first circumnavigation of the world – Ferdinand Magellan's expedition on the radio Echo of Moscow in the program Unpast Time.

Echo of Moscow, Unpast Time, September 22, 2019

Echo of Moscow, Unpast Time, September 29, 2019

New release – a book by our contributor Denis Zakharov is coming off the press:

Commentary on the novel by Truman Capote “Answered Prayers”. Saint-Petersburg: Naidi lesoruba publ., 2019.- 400 pp.

The book is timed to coincide with the first publication in Russia of Capote's unfinished novel “Answered Prayers” (AST Publishing House).

Truman Capote’s Unfinished Novel “Answered Prayers”: On the History of Creation and Publication - Denis Zakharov's article on the Capote's novel - was published in Literature of the Americas (№6, 2019)

Today Andrey Kofman, editor of the Literature of the Americas, Deputy Director of IWL RAS, Head of the Department of European and American Literature of the Modern Time, Doctor Hab. in Philology, one of the leading  specialists in Latin American literary history, celebrates his birthday.

Literature of the Americas editorial board extends its warmest congratulations to Andrey Kofman and wishes him good health, professional success and creative achievements!

Philosophical and Aesthetic Constants in the USA Literature in the Dynamics of Literary Trends, ed. Ekaterina Stetsenko. Moscow: IMLI RAN Publ., 2019. - 336 pp.

The last collective work prepared by IWL RAS Chief Research Associate, Doctor Hab. in Philology Ekaterina Stetsenko, considers ideological and aesthetic constants, genres, problems and authors of the American literature, demonstrative for the whole picture of national literary process. The book investigates the role and evolution of the categories of due and real, the phenomenon of correlation of sentimental and romantic, the movement of the narrators point of view from romanticism to modernism, the dialectics of canon as literary factor, transformation of the model of black race in the mainstream literary tradition, genesis of postmodern detective, the influence of English romanticism on the American poetry, synthesis of various trends in the works of W. Faulkner that demonstrates the common tendency of the contemporary literature.

International conference Transatlantic Relations in American and European Literature will be held at the Saint Petersburg State University on June 19–20, 2019.

The conference aims to bring together research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on the dynamic processes and cultural transfer in the Northern Atlantic region.

Here is the Program of the Conference

May 15–16, 2019 • Russian State University for the Humanities • Moscow

VI Zverev International Biennial Conference оn American Studies on Collective memory: Power of the Past in Sociocultural Life of America will be held at the Russian State University for the Humanities on May 15–16, 2019.

The conference program includes the Round Table on The 200th Anniversary of Herman Melville’s Birth and the Student Round Table on World War II in Collective Memories of Russian and American Students.

Here is the Program of the Conference