New release – a book by our contributor Denis Zakharov is coming off the press:

Commentary on the novel by Truman Capote “Answered Prayers”. Saint-Petersburg: Naidi lesoruba publ., 2019.- 400 pp.

The book is timed to coincide with the first publication in Russia of Capote's unfinished novel “Answered Prayers” (AST Publishing House).

Truman Capote’s Unfinished Novel “Answered Prayers”: On the History of Creation and Publication - Denis Zakharov's article on the Capote's novel - was published in Literature of the Americas (№6, 2019)

In his book Denis Zakharov deciphered the text of the novel, restored the contents of the chapters destroyed by the author, commented on the mysterious passages, revealed the true names of the prototypes and traced their destiny. A special comment section is devoted to the destroyed chapters of the novel. The contents of the four missing parts of the manuscript have been restored, unique documents are cited; the appendix section contains additional materials that shed light on certain aspects of Truman Capote's biography. The Russian researcher worked through memoirs, diaries, letters and other sources and cooperated with Capote’s chief biographer Gerald Clarke, Salinger’s biographer Kenneth Slavensky, Taki Theodorocopoulos – an eyewitness of many events described by Capote, and Russian scholars of American literature.

The book will not be available at bookstores. You can pre-order the book since Aug 26, 2019 now through the social networks of the publisher Naidi lesoruba.

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